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Excellent customer service.. Very satisfied with my products in fact I can’t get enough of Joan’s earrings.. It’s so beautiful so unique.. I absolutely looooooooove them. And I order regularly.. Keep up the good work. 👏💝Stay blessed



I have been in love with these products since the first time I saw it on Facebook back on 2021. Just received my new order and I am blown away!!! Everything is beautiful and I got a few freebies to boot! Service is fantastic.



I absolutely love, love, love the JOAN products. I am a repeat customer and had some of my my earrings for years and it’s still going. I rock my earrings daily and they’ve stood the test of time. Purely because their products are so durable, well crafted and absolutely gorgeous. Just in the week I plugged someone who asked me where I got my earrings from, and I at least get a comment like this once a week from random people everywhere.

Keep up the good work. With your service and work ethic I pray that your brand goes from strength to strength.